“This film is an excellent balance of fun and reflection, or laughs and love, of much of what life brings to each of us… one definately worth viewing.”
—Los Angeles Area Life
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Uncle Nick

Uncle Nick / George Corraface

"Old Greek saying - keep your eyes
on the stars. The clouds come and
go, but the stars, they're always

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George Corraface

European superstar George Corraface is of Greek origin, born and raised in Paris. Fluent in French, English, Greek and Spanish, Georges remains based in the French capital but works regularly on foreign productions.

He has worked on many English-language films, both big-budget and independent, including Escape From L.A. and Christopher Columbus, The Discovery.

Georges is the most popular actor of Greek origin in the world, and certainly one of the top actors working in Europe today. In The Prankster, he brings authenticity and soul to his role of Uncle Nick, the Zorba quoting mentor to the protagonist.