“You're guaranteed to laugh your head off. I do every time I watch it. Not only did I love the storyline and plot but the actors fit the characters so well, they made them all seem so realistic. Go see this movie its awesome.”
—IMDb Review
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Blotto / Jareb Dauplaise

"Well looky here - if it isn't
crybaby Larry Fi-asco. What's wrong... did your mom stop breast feeding you this morning?"

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Jareb Dauplaise

Stealing scenes as “Blotto”, the intimidating jock who ends up discovering his feminine side, Jareb Dauplaise is yet another rising star featured in The Prankster.  Jareb has appeared in Nacho Libre, alongside Jack Black, Meet the Spartans and Drillbit Taylor with Owen Wilson.  He can also be seen in Transformers, My Life in Ruins and the MTV series The Hard Times of RJ Berger.  As Blotto in The Prankster, he brings enormous energy and comic talent to his role.