“For those who have mostly grown up but cling longingly to the nostalgia of ‘I remember when…’ The Prankster is the film for you. Delightful and sincerely warm film.”
—Pacific Sun | Dani Burlison
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Chris Karas

Chris Karas / Matt Angel

"The whole point of
being a Prankster is to nail
someone who deserves it, and do it
with panache."

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Matt Angel

Matt Angel is certainly a rising young star. He has been acting in theatre since he was six years old. He has appeared in TV shows such as, Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, the MTV original movie, My Super Psycho Sweet 16 and recently completed shooting its sequel, My Super Psycho Sweet 16 2. The Prankster is Matt's first lead starring role in a feature film and he delivers an amazingly heartfelt and natural performance. Matt is poised to become one of the top actors of his generation.