“You're guaranteed to laugh your head off. I do every time I watch it. Not only did I love the storyline and plot but the actors fit the characters so well, they made them all seem so realistic. Go see this movie its awesome.”
—IMDb Review
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Larry Fasco

Larry Fasco / Danny Max

"Tonight you have the opportunity to
do what no prankster has done
before - to turn the boring suckup
graduation speech into a complete travesty."

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Danny Max

Born in Chicago and raised in Scottsdale, Danny Max gives a breakout performance as co-lead prankster, Larry Fasco, in The Prankster.  Danny exhibits edge and charisma, not to mention huge acting talent, in his role.

Danny’s previous credits include Curt's Brain opposite Alan Blumenfeld and the short, Dream Girl. Danny also had a supporting role in the feature film Jolene alongside Denise Richards and Dermont Mulroney, and in the David DeCoteau film, The Invisible Chronicles.  Most recently, Danny recurred on the hot soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful.