“Teen farce The Prankster cleverly sidesteps the years-old teen movie formula that reduces the complexity of high school politics into a handful of simple and familiar factions… Tony Vidal coaxes… convincing performances from his charismatic cast.”(4 out of 5 stars)
—Disc Dish
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Mariah Rivera

Mariah Rivera / Veronica Sixtos

"Relax. The articles you've been
sneaking in are the best thing
about this stupid paper."

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Veronica Sixtos

Veronica Sixtos is another huge talent whose first starring role in a feature is The Prankster.  Veronica has been seen in many television commercials, and has also appeared on Wizard's of Waverly Place as "Negative Nelly" and Tyler's Perry's House of Payne as "Alexandra Hernandez".  She also landed costar roles on Ned's Declassified, Strong Medicine and Zoey 101.  Veronica was in the award winning movie Quinceanera.  Her beauty and polished acting skills poise her for stardom.