“This film is an excellent balance of fun and reflection, or laughs and love, of much of what life brings to each of us… one definately worth viewing.”
—Los Angeles Area Life
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Tiffany Fowler

Tiffany Fowler / Jareb Dauplaise

"Well, so long as we have everyone's
attention, I just want to clear
something up - my boobs are one
hundred percent real."

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Madison Riley

Gorgeous and talented, Madison is like a young Cameron Diaz, and surely has a bright future in feature film. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Madison has appeared in films and TV shows such as, Bratz, and Jonas, and has a lead role in Without a Paddle. Madison recently was seen in Grown Ups, with Adam Sandler. In Grown Ups, she plays Rob Schneider's beautiful daughter, and has captured national attention. In The Prankster, Madison plays likeable mean girl Tiffany Fowler. Madison is a sparkling personality, poised for stardom.