“Love humor? You'll definitely enjoy this film! It's exciting and will keep you laughing 'til the very end (trust us, we did when we saw it).”
—Girls Life
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Vish / Kunal Sharma

"Hey, Hertz Dick grow beloved
among the people, even though
he is without actual being.
It is their will that he become
raj among the students."

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Kunal Sharma

Kunal Sharma is from Andover, MA.  He is currently appearing in Lisa Cholodenko’s, The Kids Are Alright. Kunal has made appearances in It’s  Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Veronica Mars, The Office, and The Cheetah Girls movie.  The handsome young actor of East Indian descent is well known and liked by youth audiences.

In The Prankster, he plays Vish Armitraj, tech wizard and free spirit of the pranksters.