“You're guaranteed to laugh your head off. I do every time I watch it. Not only did I love the storyline and plot but the actors fit the characters so well, they made them all seem so realistic. Go see this movie its awesome.”
—IMDb Review
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Jareb Dauplaise & Big Spence Matt Angel and Big Spence Devon Werkheiser Kurt Fuller, Devon Werkheiser & Larry Max Kurt Fuller & Michaela Watkins Kurt Fuller & Michaela Watkins robert adamson Robert Adamson and Big Spence Ken & Matt Ken & Matt Danny Max as Larry Matt Angel & Ken Davitian Miss LaFleur (Michaela Watkins) special award Dauplaise, Walsh and Big Spence Jareb Dauplaise Robert Adamson & Veronica Sixtos Danny Max Devon Werkheiser Madison Riley & Ally Maki Ken & Matt Ken & Matt Jareb Duplaise & Maddison Riley Ken & Matt Ken & Matt Kurt Fuller & Michaela Watkins Kurt Fuller Maira Walsh Devon & Marcella Danny Max Kurt Fuller & Devon Werkheiser Devon Werkheiser Part of the Prankster Crew Matt & Mike B-Ball! Jareb DP Jude & Kurt 1st Day Tony, Brandy & Mike Mike Kitchens Madison Riley and Devon Werkheiser George Corraface Maiara Walsh Preston Davis Madison Riley Kurt Fuller Kunal Sharma Marcella & Matt Jareb Dauplaise Kai Matt, Tony & Devon Kurt Fuller Maiara Walsh Kurt Fuller The Pranksters Robert Adamson Kai Steel Smith Matt Angel Madison Riley Veronica Sixtos Kurt Fuller & Kai Lights Camera Action! Veronica Sixtos Robert Adamson Georges Corraface Georges Corraface Ken Davitian Maiara Walsh Devon Werkheiser Maiara Walsh & Robert Adamson Michaela Watkins Matt Angel & Veronica Sixtos school assembly Kurt Fuller as Dean Pecarino Jareb Dauplaise Jareb Dauplaise Veronica & Madison The Prankster News Reporter students Veronica Sixtos Cadillac Visitors Robert Adamson & Jareb Dauplaise fans Devon Werkheiser Veronica, Mike & Madison A flash in the pan? Matt Angel Jets Madison & Ally crowd Tiffany Preston Davis as Owl Devon Werkheiser Jareb Dauplaise Jareb Dauplaise Kurt & Devon Jareb Dauplaise Marcella & Danny Kurt Fuller Tres Rio Teachers The Pranksters Michael & Ron Veronica Sixtos Madison Riley Michael Valentino Brandy & Robert Brandy & Preston Tony, Marty & Mike Jareb Dauplaise & Madison Riley The Crew Vance & Matt Rod Hartzog The Pranksters detention drivers ed prankster crew Jareb Dauplaise & Madison Riley Michaela Watkins Danny Max Jareb Dauplaise & Maiara Walsh Dean's Office Kurt Fuller Matt Angel & Ken Davitian Double Rainbow Madison Riley & Ally Maki Veronica Sixtos Ken Davitian Marcella Pabros-Clark Jareb Dauplaise Jareb Dauplaise The Lettermen Kunal Sharma Pranksters Prankster Crew Ally Maki Maiara fan Matt & Veronica The Pranksters Madison Riley Michaela Watkins The Prankster extras Georges Corraface Ken Davitian & Georges Corraface Maiara Walsh Madison Riley Maiara Walsh & Matt Angel Ken Davitian & Georges Corraface Marcella Lentz-Pope Graduation! A lighter moment with Pookie Ken & Devon Ken Davitian Ken Davitian Ken Davitian Robert Adamson Robert Adamson Robert Adamson Matt Angel Matt Angel Matt Angel The Pranksters The Lair By the pool By the pool Chris Karas (Matt Angel) Owl (Preston Davis) Tiffany & Brad Brad gets ready Tiff looks for a prayer Dick Hertz The Dean with Dick and Tiffany Dean Pecarino Eric & Mariah Tony on set Robert Adamson & Veronica Sixtos Jareb Dauplaise & Madison Riley Attentive Jareb Dauplaise & Madison Riley Jocks & Cheerleaders at lunch. Jareb Dauplaise & Madison Riley Sage (Maiara Walsh) Sage (Maiara Walsh) on set Maiara Walsh as Sage in The Prankster Tony on set Tony on set