“You're guaranteed to laugh your head off. I do every time I watch it. Not only did I love the storyline and plot but the actors fit the characters so well, they made them all seem so realistic. Go see this movie its awesome.”
—IMDb Review
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Prankster Cast

Here is a partial list of the very talented cast of The Prankster. The complete cast list can be found here along with their IMDB links.

KEN DAVITIAN - “Stavros Karas” KEN DAVITIAN“Stavros Karas”

“Get Smart” (Warner Bros. Pictures)
“Soul Men” (MGM/Dimension Films)
“Meet the Spartans” (Twentieth Century Fox/New Regency Pictures)
“Borat” (Twentieth Century Fox)
“S.W.A.T.” (Columbia Pictures)


Devon Werkheiser DEVON WERKHEISER“Brad Burris”

“Beneath the Darkness” (Danny)
“Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide”
Ned Bigby (lead character) (Nickelodeon)
“Love at First Hiccup” – Victor (lead character)
“We Were Soldiers” (Paramount Pictures)


Maiara Walsh MAIARA WALSH“Sage Ryan”

“Mean Girls 2” (Paramount Pictures)
“Desperate Housewives” (ABC)
“Cory in the House” (Disney Channel)
“Revolution” (CBS Paramount Network Television)
“The Disney Channel Games” (Walt Disney Productions)


Robert Adamson ROBERT ADAMSON“Eric Hood”

“Princess Protection Program” (Disney Channel)
“Lincoln Heights” (ABC Family)
“It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” (FX Network/3 Art Entertainment)
“Cold Case” (CBS Productions)
“Private High Musical” (60Frames Entertainment)


Michaela Watkins MICHAELA WATKINS“Miss LaFleur”

“The Back Up Plan” (CBS Films)
“Saturday Night Live” (NBC Studios)
“The New Adventures of Old Christine” (Warner Brothers Television/CBS Television)
“Malcom in the Middle” (Fox Network)
“Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC)
“Charmed” (Warner Bros. Television Network)


Matt Angel MATT ANGEL“Chris Karas”

“My Super Psycho Sweet 16 I&II” (MTV Movies)
“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” (20th Century Fox Television)
“Raising the Bar”
(Steven Bochco Prod./Turner Network Television)
“The Suite Life of Zac and Cody” (Disney Channel)


Kurt Fuller KURT FULLER“Dean Joe Pecarino”

“Midnight in Paris” (Sony Pictures Classics)
“Better with You” (Warner Bros. Television)
“The Pursuit of Happyness” (Sony Pictures Entertainment/Columbia Pictures)
“Anger Management” (Revoltion Studios/Columbia Pictures)
“Scary Movie” (Dimension Films/Buena Vista)


Georges Corraface GEORGE CORRAFACE“Nick Karas”

"Christopher Columbus: The Discovery" (Warner Brothers Pictures)
“Escape from L.A.”
(Paramount Pictures)
“Die, My Darling” (Columbia TriStar Films)
“Highlander” (Rysher Entertainment)
“Without Borders” (Second Slate Films)


Veronica Sixtos VERONICA SIXTOS“Mariah Rivera”

“Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” (TBS)
“Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide” (Nickelodeon Network)
“Wizards of Waverly Place” (Disney Channel)
“Strong Medicine” (Lifetime Television/Sony Pictures Television)


Jareb Dauplaise JAREB DAUPLAISE“Blotto”

“Hard Times” (MTV)
“My Life In Ruins” (26 Films)
“Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” (Dreamworks SKG/Di Bonaventura Pictures)
“Drillbit Taylor” (Parmount Pictures)
“Meet the Spartans” (Twentieth Century-Fox Film)
“Entourage” (HBO)


Ally Maki ALLY MAKI“Kassandra”

“Step Up 3D” Touchstone Pictures
“10 Things I Hate About You” (ABC)
“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” (20th Century Fox Television)
“Buffy The Vampire Slayer” (WB Television)
“Miss Guided” (Twentieth Century Fox/ABC)
“Privileged” (Alloy Entertainment)
“ER” (NBC)


Kunal Sharma KUNAL SHARMA“Vish”

“The Kids Are All Right” (Artist International)
“Hannah Montana”
(Disney Channel)
“The Cheetah Girls: One World” (Disney Channel)
“Veronica Mars” (United Paramount Network)
“Legally Blondes” (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment)


Madison Riley MADISON RILEY“Tiffany Fowler”

“Grown Ups” (Happy Madison Productions)
“Without a Paddle: Nature's Calling” (Paramount Home Entertainment)
“Bratz” (Lions Gate Films)
“Hatching Pete” (Disney Channel/Salty Pictures)
“Playboys” (Fox Atomic/The Jacobson Co.)
“’Til Death” (Fox Networks/Sony Pictures Television)


Marcella Lentz-Pope MARCELLA LENTZ-POPE“Pookie”

“Boardwalk Empire” Home Box Office (HBO)
“The Social Network” (Columbia Pictures)
“Love Hurts” (Pageant Productions)
“Superbad” (Columbia Pictures)
“Malcolm in the Middle” (Fox Network)
“Kids in America” (Launchpad Releasing LLC)
“Boston Legal” (20th Century Fox Television/ABC)


Preston Davis PRESTON DAVIS“Owl”

“Buppies” (BET Networks)
“Entourage” (HBO)
“The Brotherhood V: Alumni” (Regent Releasing/Rapid Heart Pictures)
“Cane” (CBS/ABC Studios)
“Ghost Wisperer” (ABC Studios/CBS Television)


Danny Max DANNY MAX“Larry Fasco”

“The Bold and the Beautiful” (Bell-Phillip Television Productions)
“The Invisible Chronicles” (Regent Entertainment)
“Jolene” (Next Turn Productions)